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It is necessary to apply practical measures that decide on the future of a species before all of the necessary data is available. Soulé We are deeply convinced of the necessity to provide long-term and effective aid to developing countries in all fields and specialisations. At the same time we cannot pay attention to the words of sceptics that base themselves on separatist, nationalist or other tendencies. We all dwell on the one planet and the distances between nations are rapidly shortening.

Development aid should be transfrontalier suisse anti aging by the rich, developed nations in an ever greater measure, and not just because of moral and humanitarian reasons but also for maintaining global balance even in the areas of ecology and economics. The most suitable development path for humankind is sustainable development and one way of achieving this is by reducing the high risks stemming from the huge differences between the rich north and the poor south.

In long term view, it will be also a contribution to recover of highly developed euro-american culture. Nevertheless criteria of ful development and quality might be different and that is the point where is one of very dangerous roots of current terrorism.

The highest percentage of these people live in Africa, especially in the Sub-Saharan region — the poorest one in the world. Which fields need the most help?

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Without a doubt aid in solving the topical problems in health e. AIDSsaving millions of people from hunger and malnutrition with activities during drought and crop failure and attempts to limit local wars and other conflicts.

Immediately after these, or even better contemporarily, comes aid in solving the problems with longer-term impacts e.

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Each of these fields has great significance. It is, however, necessary to emphasise the fact that conserving nature and the numerous attractive animal species is extremely important for the tropical developing countries. In connection with suitable economic use for tourism including rational hunting these activities can be a significant source of high incomes for the individual, society and the state.

Besides classically protected parks and areas there is also rapid development of private reserves, ranches and farms with wildlife for multilateral use tourism, hunting, meat production, etc.

It transfrontalier suisse anti aging surprising that the culturally advanced countries of Western Africa, often existing on territories of ancient civilisation, use such natural resources insignificantly or not at all. The two most important reasons as to why such a situation exists in the Western region are namely: quite different historical development and apparently different natural conditions as compared with Eastern and Southern Africa.

More than 70 antelope species live in Africa.

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It is the world leader in the number and concentration of ungulates and the greatest gene pool of these animals. They are also a very important part of the original African ecosystems and therefore, more modest in grazing, more considerate to biotopes and, what is very important, more resistant to some diseases than cattle.

Moreover, game is historically considered as a very important component of human nutrition. Our main idea was to create a project that teak nasolabial záhyby make provision for the facts presented above and which would be in harmony with conservation elements and at the same time the economic use of selected antelope species in several West African countries.

The aim is to markedly improve practical conservation and realise a suitable model for breeding antelope in a specific country that protects them, their reproduction and later leads to reintroduction and economic use in various means, using the profits for increasing the living standards of the local inhabitants and developing nature conservation. Its main objective was to implement breeding of suitable antelope species transfrontalier suisse anti aging a selected country of Sub Saharan Africa on farms for their economic utilization.

A no less significant specific objective transfrontalier suisse anti aging the project was the preservation of rare antelope gene pool and to attract the interest transfrontalier suisse transfrontalier suisse anti aging aging the world community to the problem of insufficiencies in the sector of wildlife conservation, breeding and economic use in the West African region and highlighting possible alternative solutions. From to ITS experts conducted meetings and consultations with local authorities in all these countries with the aim of communicating the project ideas and conditions of implementation.

We finally chose to cooperate with Senegal, where the situation seemed to be the most favourable Fig. NeÏerková Fig.

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A parallel objective assigned to the project was to carry out research on antelopes in the wild, especially in the Niokolo Koba national park and to confignon suisse anti aging up a plan transfrontalier suisse anti aging their improved protection. The most important point was that all attention and efforts were therefore focused on transfrontalier suisse anti aging Western giant eland in Senegal. It is a massive antelope with body length of cm 7, cm 8 and its height at the withers is between cm 7, cm 8.

Male can reach weights of kg, female kg. Its overall colour is chestnut, sometimes with a tint of bluish grey. It has roughly 9 — 14 white stripes on its flanks.

The adults grow a knot of brown hairs on the forehead. It has a black mane on its neck from which a black stripe continues along the entire length of the back. From the chin to the chest there hangs an enormous black and white dewlap.

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Both sexes have horns. Gray described it on the basis of 2 skins and the horns of a male and female from Senegambia GRAY The world was astounded at the size and majesty of these antelopes.

Inafter having visited Senegambia, W. A year later Dr.

This place was km from Senegambia. The Giant eland is mentioned many times in the reports from explorers and sport hunters.

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The population in Chad and the Democratic Republic of Congo has become extinct. Its only sure distribution is in Senegal in the Niokolo Koba national park.

The difference between the sub-species has, until now, only been determined on the basis of the morphological description. The western sub-species T. A genetic study on the differences between the sub-species is taking place at the University of Stellenbosch in the Republic of South Africa BECKpersonal communication.

  • Patrick Brontë — a jeho žena Maria Branwell Brontëová — se v témže roce přestěhovali na venkovskou faru ve vesnici Haworth v západní části yorkshirského hrabství, která se stala místem trvale spojeným s životem rodiny.
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  • It is necessary to apply practical measures that decide on the future of a species before all of the necessary data is available.
  • Это блестящий ум, и в человеческой душе он разбирается куда тоньше, чем я вообще считал возможным, хотя и говорит мне, что по стандартам Лиза его следует рассматривать только как начинающего.

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No study has been aimed at Giant eland. On the basis of observations and the results of the counts it is estimated that the likely number of Giant eland is presently around — head GALAT et al.

It can be stated that no study has been carried out on the western sub-species transfrontalier suisse anti aging the PNKK. That is one of the transfrontalier suisse anti aging why we have focused on Giant eland in Senegal and some of our preliminary transfrontalier suisse anti aging will be presented in the following chapters, especially in the chapter on the Niokolo Koba national park.

In relation to this the research seems, in spite of extreme difficulty in given landscape, crucial. Overall research in their ecology and behaviour in the natural environment and fenced reserves contributes directly to saving the species.

It was established in as the last refuge for large West African fauna in Senegal. The original area of ha has been extended to ha. Its southern border links up to the neighbouring Badiar national park in the Guinea making up the Niokolo — Badiar international ecological complex and biocorridor.

The average height above sea level is — m, the highest point is the table-top mountain Assirik with an elevation of m. NeÏerková a M.

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This armouring is called a bowal in the local language of fulbe peuhl. In the river valleys and depressions alluvial and hydromorphic soils have developed enabling dense and thick vegetation to form. Climatically the national park falls under the Sudanese and transitional sub-Guinean areas with rainfall being — mm annually. There are two main seasons: the dry season, lasting from November to June, and the rainy season from July to October.

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In the peak of the dry season temperatures reach 45 °C. The largest river is the Gambie, a huge flow with high steep banks overgrown with gallery forests Fig.

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