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Paris, During the world expo an unknown force kidnaps the brightest minds of the century. To what sinister end? Step into the shoes of Emily Patterson — the daughter of one of the captured scientists — to conduct your own investigation, follow the trail of the captor and monible suisse anti aging his evil plans before the fate of the world is sealed.

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During the Paris expo someone kidnaps the invited scientists under mysterious circumstances. The daughter of one of the victims — Emily Patterson — follows a known philanthropist, whom she suspects of being part of the conspiracy.

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The search for her father will mark the beginning of an extraordinary adventure that leads her from Europe to frigid Siberia. They will save her from trouble more than once, but will also frequently need her assistance.

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Who is behind the kidnapping of the scientists? Will Emily find her father, overcome the obstacles and manage to solve the sophisticated puzzles and minigames?

Embark on a fantastic adventure in the era of modern inventions, unravel the sinister plot and save the world from a scheming madman!

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